License Agreement Explanation

Our sound effects libraries require a user-based licensing model to ensure proper usage and compliance. Here's how it works:

Individual Licensing: A separate license must be purchased for each individual who intends to use the sound effects. This ensures that every user has the necessary rights to access and utilize the libraries. We offer several licensing options to accommodate different team sizes:

1 user: Ideal for individual creators and freelancers who will be the sole user of the sound effects library.

2 users: Suitable for small collaborations or partnerships where two people need access.

3 users: Perfect for small teams working closely on a project that requires multiple users to access the sound effects.

4 users: Great for slightly larger teams, ensuring that each team member can use the sound effects.

5-10 users (Small Team): Designed for small teams, providing a cost-effective solution for groups of up to 10 users.

10+ users (Enterprise): Tailored for larger organizations, offering flexibility and scalability for teams with more than 10 users.

By choosing the appropriate licensing option based on your team size, you can ensure that everyone involved in your project has the necessary access to our sound effects libraries.