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Sound Effects for video editing and filmmakers.cinematic sound effects for video editing
THE ULTIMATE SOUND FX BUNDLE (ALL-IN-ONE) - 4,000+ Sale price$79.95 Regular price$319.95
THE COMPLETE FOLEY COLLECTIONKitchen & Cooking Foley Recordings. Sound Effects of food and kitchen accessories.
THE COMPLETE FOLEY COLLECTION Sale price$44.95 Regular price$84.95
Kitchen & Cooking Foley Recordings. Sound Effects of food and kitchen accessories.
MOVEMENT FOLEY SOUND FX Sale price$19.95 Regular price$29.95
All-Round Footsteps Sound Effects for Video Editing. Professional Sound FX Library.
ALL-ROUND FOOTSTEPS SOUND FX Sale price$24.95 Regular price$49.95


Discover the magic of lifelike sounds in our Foley Library. Our Foley Sounds are carefully created and recorded to add a touch of real life to your projects. From simple footsteps to everyday sounds, our Foley Sound FX collection has a variety of recordings that make your audio creations feel genuine. Bring your stories to life with our top-notch Foley Recordings, designed for professional sound design. Dive into the world of detailed sounds in our Foley Library and make your audio projects more authentic. Start adding real-world vibes to your storytelling today and start telling realistic stories!

Foley Sounds for Authentic Video Experiences

Selecting the perfect Foley sound is key to creating authentic videos. Whether it's the rustle of clothing, the clinking of keys, or the tap of a keyboard, these small details add a layer of realism to your storytelling. Choosing the right Foley sound helps set the mood – a quiet room needs subtle sounds, while energetic scenes benefit from livelier effects. Timing is everything; syncing the Foley sounds with on-screen actions enhances the viewer's experience, making them feel more connected to your story. It's the little things, like the precise sounds of everyday actions, that bring your videos to life and captivate your audience.

Diverse Foley Library: Bring Your Videos to Life

Step into a world of authentic sounds with our Foley collection, offering a variety of sounds for every moment in your videos. From the gentle rustle of clothing to the jingle of keys, we've got it covered. Immerse your audience in the realism of swaying bags, various accessories, kitchen sounds like slicing vegetables, coffee machines, and more. Elevate your storytelling with our Foley library – where every scene comes to life with genuine sounds! Explore a range of footsteps, from quiet steps to lively walks, ensuring your videos capture the perfect atmosphere for any scenario.

Recorded by Foley Artists in Professional Studios

Our Foley collection is crafted by skilled Foley artists in dedicated studios. Each sound is meticulously recorded at 96kHz, 24-bit, ensuring exceptional quality that elevates your projects to new heights. When you select our Foley sound effects, you're not just choosing a sound – you're embracing the expertise of seasoned professionals and the unmatched clarity of studio recordings. Immerse yourself in the world of clear audio and bring your creative visions to life – start creating with our Foley sounds today and experience a new level of storytelling depth!